5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!


I spent so long going here. I first started going here in 2012 and only just now, today, have finished all the oral corrections in my mouth. I had to get braces on and I had a severely messed up underbite. They fixed it completely. I was looking at my face from beforehand and it was not a pretty sight, they managed to fix it tenfold. The staff is also amazing, they are all super nice and kind. They were always patient with me, and as a patient, I was a lot of work. I had a terrible gag-reflex that took me very long to work through, but they were kind and easy going, always trying to find workarounds and just make my experience there more pleasurable. Dr. Woo was always a friendly sight and a great doctor. He always knew what to do with my mouth, most of the time I just followed his instructions not knowing too much and it went perfectly. I had faith in him and he was great, fixed it all right up perfectly. It was an overall great experience over a crappy thing, needing to have braces, thanks to Dr. Woo and the Staff it was far from bad.