So glad to be treated here

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!


If you are scrolling through and reading all the excellent reviews and wondering if they are true, the answer is yes. I agree with all the positive comments. Dr. Woo, Dr. D, and staff are excellent. The waiting room and treatment chairs are very comfortable. The décor is relaxing. Everyone makes the experience pleasant and delightful. So glad to have been treated with courtesy and kindness by Dr. Woo and staff. They are fun folks, too!

Great Staff

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!


Great staff, lovely building, and some quality teeth straightening.

If you’re looking for an amazing orthodontist please reach out to Dr. D. and staff!

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!

I can not put into words the excellent customer service that I received from Dr. D, Donna, Mary and the staff. I had braces before and had a really bad experience. However, Dr. D listened to what I wanted and figured out a way to work within my budget. He was exceptionally compassionate, friendly and kind. I looked forward to going to each and every one of my appointments as every one made me feel very welcomed. So if you’re looking for an amazing Orfhodontisf please reach out to Dr. D and staff. You’ll be glad you did. – Marjorie S.

Petaluma Orthodontics has been terrific!

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!
I must admit I dreaded orthodontia for my child. I had heard stories from other parents of cost creep and feeling stuck. Petaluma Orthodontics (Dr. Woo) has been terrific. They did a wonderful evaluation and never pushed to start treatment. In fact they waited until my child had the best possibility of having the shortest treatment time possible. The fees were explained in detail.
During treatment the staff does everything they can to make sure the treatment goes well. My child loved the reward system they had and was motivated to participate in his own treatment. He has just moved to the retainer phase and we couldn’t be happier.

Dr. D. and Staff are Wonderful!

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!

Dr. D. and staff are absolutely wonderful. I was nervous about getting braces, but am so incredibly glad that I did. I wore them for nearly 2 years and am thrilled with the results. Dr. D and his whole staff were professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. They were always responsive and efficient. My teeth are better now than I even expected or hoped for. Dr. D. is an artist and helped to straighten my teeth — they look amazing. I highly recommend Dr. D and his whole staff. – Jody M.

Dr. Woo and Staff are Incredible!

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!

Dr. Woo and staff are incredible. I have anxiety disorder and would never have been able to get braces if it wasn’t for their kindness and compassion every step of the way. Not only are they very professional, they are like family too. I spent my whole life smiling with my lips closed. Now, thanks to Dr. Woo and all the wonderful staff, I have a big smile that is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Thank you everyone and I miss you! – Tracy F.

Thank you Dr. Woo and Staff!

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!

My wife’s teeth shifted significantly due to ageing. We sought a way in which to restore her bite and alignment by visiting Dr. Woo at Petaluma Orthodontics. Dr. Woo designed a regimen using invisalign, modifying them in conjunction with time and the changes they’d effect.
Our investment of time and expense could not have been more richly rewarded. My wife’s teeth are beautiful and functional again, as they were when we first met 46 years ago. Attendant with the superlative result was the engaging, kind, thoughtful and fine manner with which Dr. Woo treated us. I say “us” because I was encouraged to be at my wife’s side during treatment. Finally, an experience that could have been daunting, which she approached with a bit of fear and trepidation, turned out to be one of the finest, most successful we’ve ever had. Dr. Woo, and Staff at Petaluma Orthodontics we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sincerely, Phil G. and Millie V.

Still Smiling!

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!

I had braces with Drs. Woo and DeBerardinis about five years ago. My teeth are still straight and healthy- I am so happy with the results! I found the doctors and staff to be knowledgeable, empathetic, patient, and helpful. Towards the end of my time with them I decided on a permanent lower retainer, and am very happy with this choice (for those of you considering). Highly recommend!

Super Friendly Staff!

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!

Super friendly staff! I love the atmosphere, and always a fun contest going on! As a kid I loved it and I will be bringing my son there when the time comes! I love this place!

Love Them!

5 Stars for Petaluma Orthodontics!

Love them! We love the Zebra Bucks system and the kind staff. I love that they have matching outfits! We are now going on to our next child in ortho…we will continue to use Dr. D!!